E-News 1

      Weekly email and landing page designs for Brodart Co.'s Supplies and Furnishings

      CD Cover

      Logo, CD cover for State College natives, the Warmingtons. These covers were

      Logos / Identities 1

      Branding and logos created for a variety of clients. Includes both approved

      Mike’s Harder Lemonade Packaging

      Contest submissions for the Mike's HARDER limited edition collectible can 'Tiger's Blood'. Tiger’s

      MLK, Jr. Commemoration Poster

      This poster reflects the theme of Penn State's celebration of Martin Luther

      Brodart Co. Catalog Cover

      Annual Catalog Covers for Brodart's Supplies and Furnishings Division.

      Artist Postcards

      These postcards served as announcements for illustrator Jeremy Waltman's BFA exhibition at

      Logos / Identities 2

      Collection of branding and logos created for a variety of clients. Includes

      Opening the Book Catalog Insert

      These spreads were included in the insert from Brodart's 2016 catalog and

      Brodart Co. Web Banners

      Weekly web banner designs for Brodart Co.'s Supplies and Furnishings Division. The

      Tweed and Weber Promotional Materials

      These editorial and web banner designs were inspired by the process behind

      Darkhorse Tavern

      Promotional materials designed for The Darkhorse Tavern, located downtown State College, PA.

      ‘Mercury the Dime’ Book Cover

      This book cover was created for poet Michael Begnal and published by

      Brodart Co. Trade Show Banners

      Trade Show banners created for Brodart Co.'s three divisions - Books &

      ‘Typefaces’ Book Cover

      The concept of this book cover reflect's both the book's title and

      ‘Ink.’ Magazine and Stationary

      Editorial, logo and identity design for 'Ink.' magazine. The concept of the

      24-7 Exhibits Arts Festival Posters

      Poster designs for 24-7 Exhibits that were displayed in their booth at

      ‘When In Heat’ Poster

      A playful poster concept created for a non-profit organization to promote safe-sex

      24-7 Exhibits

      Business card and stationary design for 24-7 Exhibits. 24-7 exhibits is an
      WE DO
      WE DO
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